Whelping Services

Whelping is the process of a dog giving birth to puppies.


Emergency Whelping

Emergency consist of booking the whelping within 24 hours

  • Each whelping station will be equipped with motion sensor cameras, temperature controlled digital thermometer, humidifier, fan, heating lamp, alarm, and a puppy play zone. Everything is sanitized and disinfected regularly insuring a safe and clean environment. We will be adding veterinary grade-equipment such as oxygen tanks and puppy incubators in the near future.


  • Care for the dam at least 5-7 days in advance of her due date so she can become acclimated to her new surroundings followed by raising puppies until they are 6 weeks of age. Puppies receive early neurological stimulation and enrichment activities with different sounds and textures. We start Puppy Culture training early on which is scientifically proven to improve the outcome of puppies. 

  • Dam and puppies are fed Purina Pro Plan Puppy food, you’re welcome to provide your own food if there’s a specific brand or formula you’d like to keep them on. The weaning process starts around 4-5 weeks of age where they’re transitioned onto puppy-mush with colostrum and puppy vitamins. Puppies will be ready to go back to the breeder at 6 weeks of age. Additional rates of $50 per day will be applied if they are not picked up at 6 weeks or if other arrangements have not been made. 

  • Administration of all necessary medications to dam and puppies (provided by you or your vet) I offer complimentary dewclawing and supplements in stock with your approval. 

  • Any necessary trips to the vet (all vet charges are paid by the owner) We can arrange transportation to and from the vet while the dam and puppies are in our care, this includes emergency c-section, ear cropping, tail docking, wellness exams, health certificates, etc. 

  • Photo/Video documentation of the puppies growth and personalities. I will help with advertisement of your litter across social media and provide professional quality photos and videos of the puppies.



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Whelping Supplies

There are various things you can do to prepare for your dog going into labour. below is a list of supplies you may need.

  • Whelping box: someplace safe to have the babies, where mom can’t crush her pups

  • Sterile lubricating jelly (you know, "personal lubricant")

  • Disposable plastic gloves

  • Hemostat for clamping umbilical cords

  • Scissors

  • Towels, newspapers, plastic garbage bags, etc. for cleanup

  • A separate box containing a covered heating pad to put the newborn pups in while mom is giving birth

  • A scale to weigh the pups (in the margin of my study guide I wrote: "must record weight ASAP after birth, expect the puppies to lose weight at 12 hours post-birth and at 24 hours should be at birth weight. They should continue to gain weight at this rate. It’s the #1 key to pediatric health … weigh the pups. Puppies are like parakeets." [I’m not totally sure what the parakeet comment was about])

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